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Jarapa source, manufacture and wholesale recycled homewares including recycled glassware, recycled cotton rugs, Spanish ceramics, Moroccan baskets and recycled glass lamp bases. All recycled glassware is NOT the same; our glassware is all 100% recycled, the paints they are coloured with are plant based, some are organic, and our main glass supplier complies with all Kyoto protocol aspects, and International treaties that commit to reducing greenhouse gases. Beware cheap imitations!

Our Eco Credentials

It's not just our products that are eco-friendly; as a business we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible throughout the supply chain. For example:

 - we source products from the UK or EU to keep product miles low

 - we try to import our products by train or sea where possible, keeping road vehicle miles to a minimum.

 - None of our employees commute more than 7.5 miles to Jarapa HQ

 - we're making improvements to our warehouse to make it as "green" as possible including LED low energy lights which, in suitable areas, are triggered by motion sensors so they're only on when required.


 - We re-use all packaging materials which we receive to package items leaving our warehouse.

This includes all the pallet wrap received on pallets from our suppliers.

We think it is better to re-use packaging as many times as possible.

We collect cardboard from other local businesses and shred this to package items ordered, recycling packaging that would otherwise end in landfill.

We estimate over 75% of our wholesale packaging material is from re-used materials.

 - We do our best to source the best environmental choice such as paper packing tape, 30% recycled pallet wrap and recyclable air pillows.

 - Where paperwork is required we use recycled paper.

 - We use "Smol" eco-friendly cleaning products - at work and at home!

 - We use plastic free, biodegradable tea bags and fairtrade coffee

-      The pallet wrap we use is made from type 4 LDPE and contains 30% PCW

-      Many LDPE plastics are accepted through your local curb side recycling program. Just check with your recycling program office. This can also be recycled at many large supermarkets.

-      The air pillow we use is also type 4 LDPE plastic and contains 30% PCW

-      Here are a couple of links with info on recycling plastics etc.

Our Story


Jarapa have been sourcing and distributing recycled & natural products for over 20 years.

Seeing some unusual rugs in a local shop in Spain whilst on holiday, we started importing to sell at markets and shows; over time adding other products from the Iberian Peninsula.

When customers showed interest in trade pricing Jarapa started to supply direct to the trade and now supplies customers all over the UK and Europe.

Now our business is predominantly wholesale and we focus  on recycled, up-cycled and natural products.

100% recycled glassware

Our original products, the rugs, are made by a Spanish family who have been making them for 3 generations. We have developed a range of colours and styles over the years that sell well in the UK market. 100% recycled material (made from the offcuts of the upholstery industry), machine washable, reversible and hard wearing they complement any room.


Recycled glassware was an obvious choice of product to increase our range and we now source from a number of factories in Spain. We are able to supply branded glassware and coloured glassware in over 20 colours; with the suppliers we now work with we have an extensive knowledge and catalogue of products many of which we hold in stock in the UK, and more that we can access through our suppliers’ broad ranges. Jarapa has supplied many businesses, bars, restaurants and hotels with unique branded tableware, tumblers and wine glasses..

Our recycled glass lamps and lampshades are the newest addition to our product range.  Looking for a way to use the glassware more broadly through the home, we manufacture the lamps here in the UK using high quality fittings and local craftsmanship.

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